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"Honk" [Apr. 26th, 2004|04:44 am]


[mood |uncomfortableuncomfortable]
[music |Different- Honk the Musical]

I apologize, to anyone that is enjoying this show, and you can tell me to go away, but I just want to say what I feel, then I'll shove off.

Hans Christian Anderson is freaking out in his grave right now. Whoever came up with this awful show idea, should be haunted by the Ugly Duckling writer for all eternity. A couple weekends ago, my niece was in a high school production called "Honk" which is a musical based off The Ugly Duckling story. I was completely moved by it's message, because in the end "Ugly" transformed into a swan but his look, his hairstyle, his face and even voice stayed the SAME! The only thing that changed was from a gray costume to a white costume. I was pleased that he didn't completely change because it showed that there IS beauty in "difference" that beauty doesn't have to be a preppy hairdo, that you can be beautiful without looking like a bland Old Navy/Gap model.
I'll be honest, I think when show's like this are getting high ratings we should be terrified. All shows like this do is make the job market, and date scene search for plastic surgery people out there. First of all, not all of us want to go through expensive and painful surgery just to have a nose that we weren't born with, or bigger boobs, or smaller waists.
But, it's scary, because show's like the swan and extreme makeovers are pressuring society to get the "perfect face".
I think to be a true swan it starts from within. The beauty inside is what truely counts.
Beauty is relative too, what if someone isn't the typical straight haired 90 lbs blond, but is still gorgeous in his or her way? That shouldn't discourage them to be something they are not. I got news, not ALL 90 lbs straight haired blonds are pretty, some of them look scary, and could actually benefit from a weight gain!

Another thing I find disgusting is the operations, actually showing them on the show that is ghastly!
I can't believe they take off good shows, like Wonderfalls as someone else said, and replace it with a false interpretation of a classic fairy tale.
Oh well, at least there's one good thing about this show, it gives me some time to give the tv a rest! (clicks off)

[User Picture]From: nurse_quigg
2004-11-15 04:49 pm (UTC)
ya, there was only one swan last season who needed to GAIN wieght. and i agree with the hair extensions. that's one thing that bugs me, and most of the time even on the big night they look like crap (the hair extensions i mean, not the 'swans'), also i read an article from one of the swans from last time saying that they hair extensions were a bitch to grow out and that the show never really told any of them how to care for thier hair/skin/bodies after they left. you'd think that for legal reasons if nothing else they'd want to have a check up with them with the surgeons or something!
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