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[Apr. 21st, 2004|10:50 am]


Name: Shai
Age: 25
Where you from: Minnesota
Would you go into a massive plastic surgery to improve your physical appearance? no way!! are you insane??

I'm just astounded by the show, I feel almost hypocritical of watching it b/c I dislike the idea so much. It's nearly promoting the idea that a scalpel is a magic wand, don't like this feature? we can cut it away! I'm glad to see that the women involved still have to go through weight training and dieting to lose weight, but most of the show focuses on this cut or that cut. Then when the women are transformed, one of the biggest transformations is their cup size! Or even if that wasn't specifically augmented the dress they wear emphasizes it (has anyone noticed nearly all the dresses at the end are sleeveless, low-cut numbers??).

it's just incredible, each husband/boyfriend says he thinks she looks pretty but she has such self-esteem problems.... I bet the guy will have esteem problems after she gets back, b/c with such a movie-star knock out, everyone will want her... why would she stay with HIM? unless he gets something done . . . . what will that one be called, the frog prince?

it just seems like the show is promoting the way to change yourself is to modify your body... when sometimes it's the mindset that would probably be better off changed.


[User Picture]From: betharina
2004-04-25 03:49 pm (UTC)
i 100% agree with that statement....and the fact that this shallow show that does nothing but highten the demands to be beautiful replaced such a pure show as wonderfalls??

something is deeply wrong with the FOX producers...
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